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Outdoor advertising machine
65 inch HD interactive floor standing digital signage
65 inch floor standing Android touch screen digital signa
17 inch to 65 inch touch monitors, wall-mounted display, flo
55 inch, 65 - inch LCD touch the query advertising machine,
3 * 3 splicing wall, splicing wall monitors, splicing wall d
  • Application field of advertising machine
    Application field of adve
    Update Time :2018-05-09
    How to choose outdoor LCD advertising machine
    How to choose outdoor LCD
    Update Time :2018-05-05
    When we choose outdoor LCD advertising machines, we must pay
    An introduction to the function of the intelligent point dining machine
    An introduction to the fu
    Update Time :2018-05-03
    The ordering machine is divided into several kinds, each of
  • Building advertising machine, senior hotel, the guesthouse, the hotel advertisement machine use
    Building advertising mach
    Update Time :2014-08-22
    Advertising machine engineering case, outdoor advertising machine, advertisement machine use
    Advertising machine engin
    Update Time :2014-08-22
    Advertising machine project cases, railway stations, airports, gas stations advertising purposes, advertising machine, hanging building advertising machine
    Advertising machine proje
    Update Time :2014-08-22

  • Shenzhen Jingke Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to the vision of advertising machine, monitor, one machine, the development of touch products industry,professional set of hanging type advertising machine, LCD advertising machine, floor type advertisement machine, car ads, online advertising machine, touch one machine, infrared touch display products manufacturingand sales, with the company strong technical strength and economic strength,and constantly develop new products with international advanced technical level. The products are widely used in advertising and media industry, the transmission system of financial industry, service industry, building,supermarket, airport, subway and other industries.

    The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with agents, in thenational each big city dealers, service network all over the country. The company implements the network management, management system,advanced Internet system and computer support, standardized operation, to provide high quality products and after sale service for the users in the shortest possible time.

    The company to provide satisfactory services with leading technology, quality first, customer supreme principle for the majority of users.

    The company will adhere to customer orientation, application oriented strategy, continue to focus on development in the field of advertisingtransmission and application system. The path will be adhering to the "harmony, participation, passion" culture, grow together with customers and partners to make concerted efforts, common development.

    Since the company since its creation in 2006, positive enterprising, innovation,by virtue of good corporate reputation, a unique management style and strongability of market development, has made a remarkable performance. Over the years, the development of Shenzhen Jingke horizon is fast and robust,inseparable from an extremely good partners.

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